Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt

Exhale Farms takes pride in supporting local heroes. Our ‘Hero Project’ allows us to offer free specialized group sessions for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Military/Veterans and Medical Personnel.

Our hero project

What We Do

We want to bring mental help to those in need by showing an alternative route to traditional medicine. Horses have the ability to sense the energy and emotions of humans with non-verbal, readable communication which has been shown to assist with social skills and confidence.

Every Wednesday from 10am – 12pm we provide a FREE First Responder Wellness Horsemanship Group. Group days include:

  • General horsemanship and/or riding (restrictions apply)
  • Socialization & Camaraderie around the barn
  • BBQ available to show off grilling skills
  • Gardening
  • And much more!

How can you help?

vehicle donations

Donate a vehicle today, running or not. 100% of the proceeds from all vehicle donations goes to support our Hero Project. We try to make the process as stress-free as possible by also providing free towing.  You will receive a charitable donation tax receipt, values vary depending on the vehicle’s year, make and condition.

donate today

Your support and contributions help us provide needed resources for our horses and a therapeutic environment for our local heroes. Your generous donation of any amount, gifts and supplies are greatly appreciated and allow us to continue to be a resource of support to our local heroes.

“Horses have helped me through the years personally with anxiety and depression and I want others to experience the magical power that a horse can have on one's psyche.”

- Nicole Klauer -

Founder, CEO & Instructor

Benefits of Equine Wellness Programs

Horses offer unique traits that make them a top choice for animal-assisted wellness programs.  Horses have the ability to sense the energy and emotions of humans with non-verbal, readable communication which has been shown to assist with social skills, confidence, stress, anxiety and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Impartial And Accepting

Horses bring a sense of peace, in a non-judgmental way, as they will only react to a human’s behavior and emotions.

Response And Reflect

Horses are clear observers and very sensitive to movements and emotions. They will often reflect a human’s mood, behavior and emotions, letting you know they understand and are connecting with you allowing you to feel safe and secure.

Vulnerability Acceptance

As people might find themselves feeling vulnerable when talking openly about their feelings, challenges, experiences and just life in general, a horse can offer source for processing the feelings and emotions one might experience.

Wellness comes in many different forms and is unique to each person’s needs and personalities.  Horses rely on us to feed them, water them, to exercise and groom them daily. These actions in themselves can bring peace and serenity to the one providing the care.  Knowing that you can allow yourself to be vulnerable with these acts of kindness and caring towards the equine not only will help build empathy, but can put a person on a path of healing as well.

About Us

Just breathe in and exhale out as you arrive for a peaceful and serene experience. Exhale farms is a unique and exclusive farm for adults and horses to escape, grow, and heal. 

Experience healing through the amazing influence of the equine with help from Nicole Klauer, CEO & Founder of Exhale Farms, a P.A.T.H (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) certified riding instructor and a P.A.T.H. equine specialist in mental health.

Ms. Klauer and the directors of Exhale Farms will administer programs, along with the assistance of volunteers from the horse loving community, ensuring a zen experience to help ease and eliminate stress and anxiety.

Our partners

Services temporarily paused. Currently in search of a larger Equestrian Facility!

Exhale Farms is a new 501(c)(3) non-profit “Heroes” Wellness Horsemanship program looking for a facility to lease and operate from in the Santa Cruz County area.  With our primary focus being to help ease stress and anxiety for our Police, Fire, Military/Veterans, and Medical Responders.  With all they encounter and do for our communities, it is time to give back and we are proud to do so!  To give you an idea of what we do, we offer small group sessions and private lessons along with horse injury rehabilitation, conditioning, and layup.  We are looking for a property with approximately 8 stalls, an arena, and turnouts or room to build them and will be bringing and setting up our own 4-horse 50’ eurosizer and vita plate with rail system.  Exhale Farms will be a very private, extremely clean, quiet and by appointment only program.  To achieve the desired healing experience we want to offer, we are not looking for a boarding barn type of situation to ensure privacy and minimal disruptions.  Our program is run by a professional equine instructor with full therapeutic P.A.T.H. certifications, along with 30+ years in the equestrian competition, training, and management field.  Onsite housing for the program manager is a huge plus.  

If you or someone you know has a property we should consider, please let us know. 
Thank you for your time and know that we greatly appreciate your help and leads! 
Please call us at 916-899-2228.